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con este hack team fortress 2 / tf2 tendremos aimbot , triggerbot , wallhack / ESP , accurancy , radar , Miscellaneous tambien tenemos el increible spinbot que lo que hace es girar oconstantemente con la cabeza hacia abajo para que no nos puedan matar , esto en nuestra camara no se nota

video mostrando el hack y explicandolo

Descarga el hack:


hack team fortress 2 tf2

Aim Bot

    • Aim Bot – Automatically aim at enemy , Apunta a los enemigos automaticamente
    • Aim Key – Activate Aimbot with any keyboard key or mouse button
    • Aim FoV – Limit active field of view
    • Target Lock – Lock onto one visible target
    • Slow Aim – Smooths Aimbot to make it look human
    • Auto Shoot – Automatically fire when active
    • Silent Aim – Makes Aimbot invisible for you and for spectators
    • Spin Bot – Spins your view for everybody else on the server
    • Rage Target – Set priority for a player on server
    • Projectile Aimbot – Aim with projectile weapons with time and gravity prediction


    • Aim Sentry – Aim at enemy sentries
    • Aim Stickies – Aim at enemy stickies
    • Aim Sentry Buster – Aim at Sentry Buster
    • Aim Robots – Aim at enemy Robots


    • Ignore Friends – Makes Aimbot ignore your Steam friends
    • Ignore DeadRinger – Ignore DeadRinger Spies
    • Ignore Cloaked – Ignore cloaked Spies
    • Ignore Disguised – Ignore disguised Spies


  • Melee Aim – Aim with melee weapons when possible
  • Sniper Rifle: Zoomed only – Only shoot when zoomed
  • Sniper Rifle: Wait for charge – Only instant kill shots

Trigger Bot

  • Auto Backstab – Automatically backstabs enemies when possible
  • Auto Airblast – Automatically reflects projectiles as Pyro, including RAGE mode which also Airblasts rockets behind you
  • Auto Sticky Detonation – Automatically detonate stickies as Demoman
  • Trigger Shoot – Automatically shoots when an enemy passes under your crosshair
  • Trigger Key – Activate any Trigger Bot feature with any keyboard key or mouse button


  • No Recoil – Removes weapon recoil
  • Melee Criticals – Forces melee weapons to crit

Wallhack / ESP

  • Enemy only – Show all players through walls or limit to enemy only
  • Steam Friends – Show your Steam Friends with special color
  • Name – Show name of player
  • Health – Show health of player
  • Steam ID – Show Steam ID of player
  • Weapon – Show active weapon of player
  • Distance – Show current distance to player
  • Class – Show what class player is playing
  • Box – Show colored box around player
  • Remove cloak/disguise from spies – Make Spy completely visible for you
  • Glow effect – Shows a glow around players
  • Structures – Show Dispensers, Sentries, and Teleporters
  • Ammo/ Medkit – Show medkits and ammo
  • MvM Money – Show money on MvM maps
  • Halloween Gift – Show hidden Haunted Halloween Gift on a map


  • Radar – Display all enemy players on radar
  • Size – Change radar size
  • Position – Change radar position


  • Name Steal – Steals names of other players
  • Noisemaker Spam – Spams noisemaker sounds
  • Voicemenu Spam – Spams voicemenu sounds
  • Chat Spam – Spam server if you want to make people angry
  • Ping Mask – Decrease your ping on scoreboard
  • Bunny Hop – Keep jumping just by holding spacebar
  • Auto Strafe – Automatic Strafing in air to gain speed
  • Duck Jump – Automatic Duck when jumping (rocket jumping etc.)
  • Thirdperson – View yourself in third person mode
  • Big Heads – Increases size of enemy head to make them easier to shoot
  • Fake Lag – Makes you harder to kill by increasing your outgoing lag
  • Clean Screenshots – Remove all visuals from screenshots

Supported systems (32-bit and 64-bit) : Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 8.1 / Windows 10

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la siguiente pagina , haciendo click en la imagen podras ir y tambien tenemos un codigo de descuento especial (esta en la imagen), es «GABY» sin las comillas

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